The Rules

1) The decision of the race marshals is final.

2) There is an official start time and location.

3) There is in an official end point.

4) Overall victory determined by the team with the lowest cumulative time, and thus results are stated as time differences.

5) The race marshals have the right to allocate enforced stoppage time at locations they determine. The teams are required to stop at these points for the stated time (For example, to sell Wirth hats).

6) Each team is permitted one “Mulligan”, which drops the results for the day, to be used in the case of a ‘catastrophic breakdown’, and makes the time difference for the day 0.

7) After the use of the Mulligan, each subsequent catastrophic breakdown invokes a penalty of three hours.

8) Because the race is intended to promote “To Write Love on Her Arms” and Mental Health Research UK, there is a time bonus for encouraging roadside supporters to share photos. Each photo shared under the team’s hashtag (on Instagram and Facebook) during the race day (and outside of the required stoppage time) reduces the team’s time for the day by 6 minutes, up to a maximum of one hour (or ten photos).

9) Each team is allowed one backup rider who may substitute for an injured participant.

10) The race marshals are obliged to shorten the stage in the case of any safety hazards.

11) Ostrich sledding is forbidden.

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