The Race

Portland, Oregon
San Francisco, California

15 Sept. 2018
28 Sept. 2018

It's a stage race, like the Tour de France.

Key Features


There's going to be lots of video on Facebook and Insta - so make sure to follow us!


The Canadians have them. The Brits shave them (and their legs). They're long, flowing and beautiful. But the beards are awful.


Er, we think there might be bears or something. Idfk.


We strongly suspect that it's provably impossible to make it more than 100 clicks on a quaddie without at least a couple of sharp words. Fortunately it'll all be captured by the media team.

Mechanical Failures

Things break. Regularly. Because of how heavy the damn quads are mainly, but also due to rider error, tough terrain and numerous other issues.


What's big, pretty, and non-trivial to pedal a quad tandem up? Oh yeah it's the mountains.


The entire endeavour is arguably a poor life choice for all involved. So make sure you watch it live!

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